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Humboldt County Pride

Inside the Redwood Curtain

Humboldt County
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A social community for live journal users of Humboldt County. If you live,
have lived, or wish to live in Humboldt County --this community is for you. Born
December 12, 2004 --this community is new with fairly active users and
maintained by Humboldt County residents.

1. Refrain from cross-posting.
--This community recognizes that many of it's members belong to other Humboldt
County related communities. In cooperation with the moderators of these other
local communities, we ask that you refrain from all cross-posting --as it will
only be a repetitive annoyance or spam.
2. Stay on topic.
--Members who wish to post a topic must stay with the general idea and purpose
behind this community; that is, to interact and socialize with locals. Refrain
from posting topics that are not related to the people of Humboldt County.
3. Keep it clean.
--Please refrain from posting images that are Not Safe For Work.
Use an LJ-CUT tag if you are going to post more than 1 picture, or an epic of a
post. Also, keep the topics PG-13. Teens, some of them young, read this forum.
Do not post about sexual organizations or clubs. All posts related to sex will
be deleted.
4. Discrimination is not tolerated.
--This community is for all people.
5. Membership is moderated.
--This community accepts members who display a level of activity in live journal other than posting into humboldtcounty. This measure was made to mitigate spam, forum trolls, and entities not familiar with our rules.
6. When posting, please leave comments turned on. Posts with comments disabled will be deleted.
7. More rules can be added as problems occur.
--Not all problems can be foreseen. When one does arise a new rules will be
added in order to prevent a problem from occurring.

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