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Humboldt County Pride [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Humboldt County

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big waves; [Nov. 7th, 2009|06:34 pm]
Humboldt County

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Optometrist/eye doctor reviews [Nov. 3rd, 2009|12:02 am]
Humboldt County

Howdy folks! Hope y'all had an awesome Halloween.

Here's the deal. Boyfriend just got insurance through his work, and he need to get into an eye doctor for a new 'scrip, glasses, and contacts before the end of the year. He was given a list of eye doctors who are "preferred vision providers" for his plan; Site for Sore Eyes, where he has previously gone, is not on this list.

So, I need some quick and dirty reviews of some eye doctors. Their names:
Paul M. Domanchuk
Paul R. King
Kenneth L. Kaiser
Douglas H. Lanning
Daniel J. Ryan
Zuzana R. Gellner
Brain D. Calvert
Martin E. Turkis
Linda W. Azevedo
Loren M. Azevedo
Lori A. Macfarlane
Phillip K. Ruprecht
Alan E. French
Brian D. Calver

*phew* If any of these people have helped you with your eyes in the past, can you please tell me what you thought? Super great, mediocre, horrible?

Thanks Humboldt.
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Boxing lessons? [Oct. 24th, 2009|02:44 pm]
Humboldt County
Can anyone tell me if there are any local boxing or kick boxing classes that would be suitable for a 16-year-old girl? She likes boxing, and I'd really like her to have a healthy hobby to turn to, so I was hoping there was something available.

Thanks in advance!
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OH GREAT CRAFTY PEOPLES [Sep. 23rd, 2009|08:47 am]
Humboldt County

I am many wonderful and amazing things. One of the things I am not is a seamstress.... and I'm in desperate need of one for my halloween costume!

I have a cheap, satiny-black (not real satin, a'course), 16-gromet underbust corset that is waaaaaaay too small for my... ah... ample form. I would love love love an extender for it, and intend to pay with real monies.

Tell me what it would take for you to make me such a thing, and we'll work out a deal!

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Yard sale! [Aug. 27th, 2009|06:08 pm]
Humboldt County
Hey everyone! Myself and a few other totally broke college kids are having a yard sale. Please stop by if you get the chance. We have TONS of clothing, mostly for women, ranging from small to plus size. We also have random stuff, electronics, knick knacks, etc.

If you're looking for some clothes for a low price, or any random thing, come check it out!

It'll be on Friday, August 28, and Saturday, August 29, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

The location is 112 I ST in Eureka.

Just go straight down I ST until you have to turn. We're the apartment building by the bay, and you should be able to see us from the road.

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Volunteers needed for Marks for Harbor District Commissioner campaign [Aug. 23rd, 2009|11:14 pm]
Humboldt County
[Current Location |United States, California, Mckinleyville]
[Current Music |Vitamin String Quartet]

Hi everyone!  I am helping to organize volunteers for the 4th District Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Commissioner campaign.  Richard is a democrat living in Samoa and we are seeking volunteers for the upcoming campaign.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Christopher Holmquist at christopherholmquist@gmail.com or (707) 599-7427.  All we need is your name and contacts so we can call you about volunteering opportunities.  For more information go to http://samoasoftball.blogspot.com/2009/08/its-official-marks-for-harbor.html
  Thanks for your time!
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Places to donate stuff? [Aug. 18th, 2009|09:52 pm]
Humboldt County

I am moving in two weeks and am going to need to get rid of a bunch of stuff (furniture and clothing mostly) and I am wondering if anybody knows of any second hand stores or other places where I can donate items that will NOT be sold to benefit Christian or other religious organizations. Any places that are non-profit or where proceeds go to non-religious charities?

Thanks in advance.
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Orick [Jul. 29th, 2009|09:19 pm]
Humboldt County

I've grown up in small towns (less than 1000 residents) but Orick will be the smallest town I've lived in. I don't mind though as I will be working at the National Park and living there.

Just wanted to say hi to anyone near Orick, trying to make connections before going out there. (I"m moving from NH!)

Places I must see outside of the National Park? 

Music scene?

Nearest gym?

Natural food stores?

Places to meet other 20-somethings?

Doctors? I have fibromyalgia so I need a doctor there even though currently I am only there for 3 months, hopefully it will be longer.

I am so excited!!!
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2009|04:42 pm]
Humboldt County

I'm planning a trip up to Arcata this weekend to try to find a place to live before the HSU fall semester starts (transferring from San Francisco), and I'm trying to do it as cheaply as possible. I've booked a hotel room for the first night, but plan on pitching a tent somewhere for the second night (with friends). Is this do-able? I've never actually been to Arcata before but I'm assuming I could get away with this... does anyone have any suggestions of [non fee-area] places to camp discreetly?
Any ideas welcome! Thanks!
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Trinidad Car Break Ins [Jul. 18th, 2009|12:59 pm]
Humboldt County
[Current Location |Arcata CA]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

 For almost a year now I've been hearing about people getting their cars broken into while visiting two specific beaches: "The Point" and College Cove, in Trinidad.

First it was my roommate, and police claimed to have caught the guy. They said he was a local  who was pack-ratting everything, but she never got any of her stuff back. He seems to be back on the street for lack of enough evidence for a prosecution.

Just last week it was a client of mine who had only stopped for 10 minutes to take some pictures. With both cars, the back driver’s side window was smashed and anything of even remote value - even laundry - was taken!

I'm now advising my customers (and all of you!) not to lock their car if they visit these places and take out anything of value - better to have them open the door and find nothing of to take than have them bust out the window looking and for you to end up paying to replace it! 

Also, on the off chance the theif that's doing it just happens to watch this community, lots of people are on to you, buddy - if you keep it up we're going to nail you. That next car you smash into might just be a TRAP.

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